• Corporate Managers & Business owners

    Corporate Managers & Business owners

    Understand what the solution would look like for your company under your business name....
  • How the Site Works

    How the Site Works

    The Wellness First Online Coaching program is a easy-to-follow program
    which gives you simple tools to create greater health and wellbeing...
  • Hydrate And Be Well

    Hydrate And Be Well

    Water helps with the circulation
    and assimilation of nutrients....
  • Power of Good Nutrition

    Power of Good Nutrition

    What we eat, how we eat and when we eat has
    a big impact on whether or not we are healthy...
  • Understanding Dairy Products

    Understanding Dairy Products

    Interestingly, countries with the highest consumption of dairy
    products have some of the highest rate of osteoporosis!...
  • The Impact of Sugars

    The Impact of Sugars

    Did you know that we consume on average over 70kgs of
    sugar per year. That is a lot of calories to burn off!...
  • Carbohydrates… Good Or Bad?

    Carbohydrates… Good Or Bad?

    It is important to adapt our carbohydrate consumption to our
    activity level, as unused carbohydrate energy is stored as fat!...
  • The Truth About Fats

    The Truth About Fats

    For many years, it was thought that fats were
    bad for you and had to be avoided at all costs....
  • Supplements?


    Do we really need them? And in that case, what supplements
    do we choose in the multitude that is available to us?...
  • Diets For Better Health

    Diets For Better Health

    Loosing weight is not just about cutting down
    your calorie intake....
  • Increasing Energy Levels

    Increasing Energy Levels

    What you eat and drink has a direct impact on
    how you feel....
  • Sleeping Well

    Sleeping Well

    We'll look at the consequences of poor sleep
    and what we can do to have a better sleep....
  • Exercising For Vitality

    Exercising For Vitality

    We only walk about 5,000 steps a day. To maintain a healthy weight
    we need about 10,000 steps. Years ago we averaged of 25,000 steps....
  • Releasing Stress

    Releasing Stress

    The problem is when we're under constant stress
    and don't know how to come into a relaxed state....
  • Developing A Positive Attitude

    Developing A Positive Attitude

    Some people will always see the glass as half empty, while
    others will always think of it as half full. Which one are you?...
  • Introducing Meditation

    Introducing Meditation

    You may have in mind an image of monks in their
    robes, sitting for hours on end, eyes closed...
  • Creating Work Life Balance

    Creating Work Life Balance

    People are tired and lack energy all the time... it seems the
    only solution to increase their energy levels are cups of ......